Finding your way
What is the point? I mean, we are living in some crazy times! Who would have thought that in this year, TWO THOUSAND AND NINETEEN HUNDRED YEARS, yes, 2019! (and if you are a Christian, let's also add "IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD" -- who would have thought that a self-admitted sexual deviant, a known pervert and wife-cheater, four-time bankruptcy filer, and Fake Charity peddler: is now THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
And the people who put him there? Self-Proclaimed Christian Evangelicals.
That's right. God's own people. Or so they claim.
So --- YOU --- will have to find your way and fix this anomaly with the rest of us.
Intermittent Fasting
I started "intermittent fasting" back in late September 2019 because my PCP (Primary Care Provider) told me to try it in order to wean myself out of rice (Asian Staple Food). I was also trying to do a fast-loss weight experiment as I was trying to fit into my tuxedo/suit for my friend's wedding in October. 
I started the intermittent fasting with a simple method of pushing myself not to eat for as long as I could muster the hunger craving. I drank a lot of water instead. When I wake up each day, the first thing I did was drink a whole water bottle of water (500 ml. or 17 Fl. OZ). Then I push myself not to eat anything throughout the whole day, but instead kept on drinking just the water, always finishing up a whole bottled water in one setting, about every hour. 
By about the six hours, having drank about 6 bottles of water each hour, you start to feel different. Of course, you are going to the bathroom more, but I also try to not succumb to the urination urge right away. Maybe wait about 15-20 minutes before succumbing to the urination urge. At 6 hours, I am ready for my first solid food. Instead of eating a full meal, I ate figs ( about 3-4 pieces). 
It is amazing what the body can endure. At this time, your body actually loosens up and relaxes. It senses that you have food, but not a lot, so it also adapts. You settle back into your work or whatever you are doing. An hour after , again I drink my bottled water. Now the fasting is in full swing. We have reached almost 8 hours: one bottled water each hour plus 3-4 figs at the 6th hour mark. On the 10th hour mark, I eat 2-3 figs with half-a-bag of​​​​​​​

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